Blackstone's Guide to the Pensions Act 2004

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Blackstone's Guide to the Pensions Act 2004

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In Paperback Format
Blackstone's Guide to the Pensions Act 2004

Martin Jenkins and Martin Poore (eds)
Published by
Oxford University Press
Publication Date
2 June 2005
568 pages
156 x 234 mm
Blackstone's Guides

Blackstone's Guide to the Pensions Act 2004 puts the provisions of the Pensions Act into context, and provides a clear and concise explanation of the impact of the changes introduced. The Guide contains a full analysis and explanation of the legislation plus a copy of the Act. It is an invaluable resource for practitioners, employers and trustees in the field.

The Pensions Act 2004 is the most substantial change to pension law and practice since the Pensions Act 1995. The new provisions provide a statutory framework for the government's proposals for pension reform, and form part of a wider package of measures for restructuring the basis of state and private pension provision. The new Act also sweeps away and replaces large portions of the existing regulatory regime for pensions. 
Foreword by Nigel Waterson MP, Shadow Minister for Pensions
  1. Introduction
    • Implementation Timetable
    • Commentary
  2. The Pensions Regulator
    • Introduction
    • Structure and Organization of the Regulator
    • Provision of Information and Notices
    • Powers in Relation to the Conduct of Pension Schemes
    • Moral Hazard Provisions
    • Registration and General Powers
    • Codes of Practice
    • Exercise of Regulatory Function
    • The Pensions Regulator Tribunal
  3. The Pension Protection Fund
    • Introduction
    • The PPF Board - Establishment and Functions
    • Summary of PPF Procedure
    • Effect of Employer's Insolvency
    • Eligible Schemes
    • Duty to Assume Responsibility for a Scheme
    • The Assessment Period
    • Refusal to Assume Responsibility for a Scheme
    • Reconsideration
    • Closed Schemes and Winding Up
    • Payment of Compensation
    • The Fund
    • The Levies
  4. Fraud Compensation
    • Introduction
    • Cases where Fraud Compensation Payments can be made
    • Fraud Compensation Payments
    • Interim Payments
    • Interaction with the Pension Protection Fund
    • Fraud Compensation Fund
    • Fraud Compensation Levy
  5. Gathering Information
    • Introduction
    • Requirement to Disclose Information to the Board
    • Powers of the Board to Obtain Information
    • Penalties
    • Disclosure of Information by the Board
  6. Reviews, Appeals, and Maladministration
    • Introduction
    • Investigation of Complaints by the Board
    • The PPF Ombudsman
  7. Scheme Funding
    • Introduction
    • Statutory Funding Objective
    • Statement of Funding Principles
    • Agreement of the Employer
    • Advice to the Actuary
    • Powers for the Regulator
  8. Financial Planning for Retirement
    • Introduction
    • Legislation
  9. Miscellaneous Provisions
    • Introduction
    • Trustee Obligations
    • Employer Obligations
    • Scheme Modification
    • Pension Disputes
    • Scheme Design and Regulatory
  10. Financial Assistance Scheme
    • Introduction
    • Framework Provisions for the FAS
    • Practical Issues
  11. Cross Border Activities within the European Union
    • Introduction
    • Legislation
    • Commentary
  12. State Pensions
    • Introduction
    • Legislation
    • Commentary
Appendix 1
Pensions Act 2004
Appendix 2
Useful Addresses
Appendix 3
Useful Web References

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