Blackstone's Police Operational Handbook: Practice and Procedure

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Blackstone's Police Operational Handbook: Practice and Procedure

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Blackstone's Police Operational Handbook: Practice and Procedure
Second edition

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Clive Harfield (ed)
Published by
Oxford University Press
Publication Date
21 February 2013
Second edition
712 pages
100 x 180 mm
Blackstone's Police Manuals

Blackstone's Police Operational Handbook: Practice and Procedure is a companion volume to the successful Blackstone's Police Operational Handbook: Law. Offering guidance on good practice in core policing areas, it draws together practical advice across a wide range of police duties. With extracts and explanations of official policy and guidance, each chapter is accompanied by features such as boxed examples, checklists, diagrams, practical tips and flow-charts, providing you with an unparalleled guide to good policing practice.

Presenting a structured approach to police work, based on established national principles and practices this Handbook is divided into four parts: Evidence Management, which offers advice on the capture and handling of evidence with chapters on crime scene management, disclosure, witness and victim management and court procedure; Knowledge-based Policing, which outlines the National Intelligence Model, the role of Police and Crime Commissioners, ACPO values, human rights, planning and risk management and dealing with the media; Neighbourhood Policing, which covers the principles and team structures, partnerships, problem-solving techniques and crime prevention; and Protective Services Policing which looks at the role of the first responder in major incident response, major crime, and civil contingencies.

With 34 contributions from leading practitioners in policing, this Handbook will be invaluable to all operational personnel, particularly neighbourhood policing teams (NPTs), trainee investigators and policing students. 
I - Evidence Management
  1. Matt Ebeling: Instant Resolutions
  2. Robert Underwood: Scene Preservation
  3. Huw Smart: Stop and Search
  4. Huw Smart: Police Powers of Entry, Search, and Seizure
  5. Nick Yellop: Identification Procedures
  6. Clive Harfield: Covert Investigation
  7. Kevin Smith: Victims and Witnesses
  8. Paul Hughes: Disclosure and Public Interest Immunity
  9. John Watson: Court Procedure
II - Knowledge Management
  1. Colin Rogers: The Changing Role of Accountability - Police and Crime Commissioners
  2. Colin Rogers: ACPO Values
  3. Bryn Caless: Standards of Professional Behaviour
  4. Clive Harfield: Human Rights
  5. Bryn Caless: Knowledge Management
  6. Clive Harfield: Planning and Risk Management to Achieve Harm Reduction
  7. Bryn Caless: Health and Safety and First Aid
  8. Tony Cook: Media
  9. Clive Harfield: Government Protective Marking Scheme
III - Neighbourhood Policing
  1. Bryn Caless & Barry Spruce: Context and Importance of Neighbourhood Policing
  2. Bryn Caless & Barry Spruce: The Ten Principles of Neighbourhood Policing
  3. Bryn Caless & Barry Spruce: Neighbourhood Policing Teams
  4. Bryn Caless & Barry Spruce: Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRPs) and Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs)
  5. Bryn Caless & Barry Spruce: Citizen Focus
  6. Bryn Caless & Barry Spruce: Signal Crimes Perspective
  7. Bryn Caless & Barry Spruce: Problem-Solving
  8. Bryn Caless & Barry Spruce: Crime Prevention
IV - Protective Services Policing
  1. Tony Cook: Major Crime and Homicide Response
  2. Stan Gilmour: Serious, Organized & Cross-Border Crime
  3. Andrew Staniforth: Counter-Terrorism & Extremism
  4. Brian Dillon: Civil Contingencies
  5. Allyson MacVean: Critical Incidents
  6. Adrian Pitt: Public Order
  7. Mick Doyle: Strategic Roads Policing
  8. Laura Richards & Allan Aubeelack: Protecting the Public and Vulnerable Persons

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