Handbook of Geosynthetic Engineering

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Handbook of Geosynthetic Engineering

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Handbook of Geosynthetic Engineering

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Sanjay Kumar Shukla (ed)
Published by
ICE Publishing
Publication Date
November 2011
2nd Edition
424 pages
210 x 297 mm

Handbook of Geosynthetic Engineering details the different types of geosynthetics and their practical application for students and for practising engineers seeking efficient, cost-effective solutions to civil engineering problems.

Written by subject specialists, the second edition of Handbook of Geosynthetic Engineering details the basic concepts of geosynthetics and their application in major civil engineering projects in an easily-readable form. With new chapters on filters and drains, tunnels, and the use of geosynthetics in sustainable development, the handbook is fully updated in line with current research and developments.

Handbook of Geosynthetic Engineering:
  • Explains the technical, economical and environmental advantages of using geosynthetic construction materials over conventional solutions to field problems
  • Discusses methods of analysis, design, construction and field monitoring of structures constructed with geosynthetics
  • Describes the practical applications of geosynthetics with general and specific application guidelines, including seismic aspects, for the most effective solutions to specific field and research problems
  • Presents case histories of geosynthetics use
  • Concludes each chapter with a summary of main points and common questions and answers
  • Identifies further potential areas for research

An essential resource for practising civil, geotechnical, transport, hydraulic, environmental and mining engineers in search of novel approaches for solving civil engineering problems using geosynthetics; Handbook of Geosynthetic Engineering is an invaluable reference for civil engineering researchers, lecturers and students, as well as for manufacturers of geosynthetic products, including polymer industries, and specialised contractors. 
List of contributors
About the handbook
  1. Fundamentals of geosynthetics
    S. K. Shukla
  2. Soil-geosynthetic interaction
    M. L. Lopes
  3. Filters and drains
    A. H. Aydilek
  4. Retaining walls
    B. M. Das
  5. Embankments
    E. M. Palmeira
  6. Shallow foundations
    S. K. Shukla
  7. Unpaved roads
    P. L. Bourdeau and A. K. Ashmawy
  8. Paved roads
    S. W. Perkins, R. R. Berg and B. R. Christopher
  9. Railway tracks
    S. A. Tan and S. K. Shukla
  10. Slopes - erosion control
    T. S. Ingold and M.-H. Li
  11. Slopes - stabilisation
    S. K. Shukla, N. Sivakugan and B. M. Das
  12. Landfills
    H. Zanzinger, E. Gartung and W. P. Hornsey
  13. Earth dams
    D. N. Singh, S. K. Shukla and D. N. Arnepalli
  14. Containment ponds, reservoirs and canals
    D. Poulain, N. Touze-Foltz, L. Peyras and C. Duquennoi
  15. Hydraulic tunnels
    D. Cazzuffi, A. Scuero and G. Vaschetti
  16. Geosynthetic-reinforced soil walls and slopes - seismic aspects
    R. J. Bathurst, K. Hatami and M. C. Alfaro
  17. Geosynthetic applications - general aspects and selected case studies
    S. K. Shukla

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