Handbook of Tunnel Fire Safety

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Handbook of Tunnel Fire Safety

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Handbook of Tunnel Fire Safety

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Alan Beard and Richard Carvel
Published by
ICE Publishing
Publication Date
October 2011
2nd Edition
714 pages
170 x 243 mm

Handbook of Tunnel Fire Safety is the first book to span the spectrum of state-of-the-art knowledge in tunnel fire safety science and engineering.

The construction of longer and increasingly complex tunnels and rapid changes in processes, materials and technology mean it is more important than ever to stay up-to-date. Drawing on the latest research and the extensive experience of the authors, this book is intended to help readers identify limitations in tunnel designs, technologies and models and — ultimately — make decisions to prevent unacceptable risk.

Handbook of Tunnel Fire Safety includes
  • international case studies of real-life tunnel fire incidents highlighting the lessons learned
  • coverage of the latest tunnel fire safety research, including the UPTUN project
  • expert international authorship imparting knowledge and experience of tunnel fire safety science, technology, engineering, management and emergency services
  • extensive references direct readers to sources of in-depth information on specific topics.

Handbook of Tunnel Fire Safety comprehensively covers the complex subject of tunnel fire safety — from heat release rates to modelling and human behaviour – and is an essential resource for tunnel designers, contractors, operators and regulators; tunnel fire safety researchers, consultants and equipment manufacturers; and fire brigades and other emergency service providers.  
  • A history of fire incidents in tunnels
  • Tunnel Fire Investigation I: The Channel Tunnel Fire, 18th November 1996
  • Tunnel fire investigation II: The St. Gotthard Tunnel fire, 24th October 2001
  • Tunnel Fire Investigation III: The Burnley Tunnel Fire, 23rd March 2007
  • Prevention and Protection: Overview
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Fire protection in concrete tunnels
  • Water-Based Fire Suppression Systems for Tunnels
  • Tunnel ventilation - state of the art
  • The use of tunnel ventilation for fire safety
  • The influence of tunnel ventilation on fire behaviour
  • A history of experimental tunnel fires
  • Fire dynamics in tunnels
  • Heat release rates in tunnel fires - a summary
  • CFD modelling of tunnel fires
  • Control volume modelling of tunnel fires
  • One-dimensional and multi-scale modelling of tunnel ventilation and fires
  • Non-deterministic modelling and tunnel fires
  • Human behaviour during tunnel fires
  • Egress behaviour during road tunnel fires
  • Recommended behaviour for road tunnel users
  • Transport of hazardous goods
  • A systemic approach to tunnel fire safety management
  • Road tunnel operation during a fire emergency
  • Tunnel fire safety and the law
  • Emergency procedures in road tunnels
  • Emergency procedure in rail tunnels
  • Fire and rescue operations in tunnel fires: a discussion of some practical issues
  • Problems with using models for fire safety
  • Decision making and risk assessment
  • The UPTUN Project - a brief summary
  • The River Tyne Road Tunnels and fixed fire suppression
  • Hydrogen-Powered Cars and Tunnel Safety

Online Shop | Books for your Business | Construction Books etc | ICE Publishing | Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering |  Handbook of Tunnel Fire Safety

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