ICE Manual of Highway Design and Management

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ICE Manual of Highway Design and Management

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ICE Manual of Highway Design and Management

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Ian Walsh (ed)
Published by
ICE Publishing
Publication Date
April 2011
766 pages
219 x 279 mm
ICE Manuals

The ICE Manual of Highway Design and Management is a one-stop reference for all practising engineers working in the field of highway engineering. Written and edited by a wide selection of leading specialists, this manual covers each of the key aspects of highway engineering projects – from funding, procurement and transport planning to traffic engineering, materials and design – as well as the management and maintenance of existing highways assets.

Key features of the manual:
  • Over sixty highly illustrated chapters covering all areas of highway engineering
  • Includes case studies, common problems and practical advice throughout
  • Useful references to further reading and websites at the end of each chapter

Part of the ICE manuals series, the ICE manual of highway design and management is an invaluable resource for engineers in design and engineering consultancies, government agencies, research institutes, universities and colleges. Its highly practical approach will guide and train readers towards achieving expertise in all aspects of this important field of engineering.  
  • Introduction
  • Financial, legal and contractual framework
    • Highways Legislation: England & Wales
    • Highways Legislation: Scotland
    • Highways Legislation: Northern Ireland
    • Public Procurement
    • Funding the Highways Agency: Estimates, Funding, Monitoring
    • Major Highway Scheme Finance
    • Highway Capital Maintenance
    • Revenue funding for maintenance activities
    • Forms of contract for highways construction projects
    • National specification and design documents
    • Local Specifications and Design Documents
    • European Standards for products
  • Transport Planning
    • Introduction to policy and practice
    • Existing conditions and data
    • Characteristics of transport and travel
    • Estimating transport demand
    • Traffic models for highway schemes
    • Forecasting future conditions
    • Scheme appraisal
    • Public consultation
  • Traffic Engineering
    • Introduction, history, definition
    • Traffic Engineering Legislation
    • Traditional traffic management
    • Capacity analysis
    • Highway layout and junction design
    • On-street parking
    • Modern traffic management
    • Assisting public transport
    • Road safety engineering
    • Intelligent transport systems
  • Highway design principles and practice
    • Highway Design Principles and Practice: an Introduction
    • Site investigation and foundation design
    • Geometric design
    • Drainage design
    • Private developer projects
    • Pavement design (Highways)
    • Pavement design (Highways Rigid)
    • Pavement design (Ancillary usage)
    • Analytical pavement design
    • Unbound highway construction
    • Surface Characteristics (Noise)
    • Skid resistance
    • Sustainability
    • Environmental considerations
  • Highway materials and recycling
    • Highway Materials: an Introduction
    • Unbound aggregates
    • Hydraulically bound mixtures for local roads
    • Roller compacted concrete
    • Cold mix asphalt layers
    • Hot mix asphalt layers
    • Laying asphalts
    • Small element paving: design and construction
    • Surface treatments for highways
    • Road markings
  • Maintenance planning and techniques
    • Introduction and scope
    • Policies
    • The maintenance organisation
    • Maintenance types
    • Politics and public
    • Third party involvement and external influences
    • Winter service and other weather emergencies
    • Financial management
  • Asset management
    • An Introduction to Asset Management
    • Starting the Process of Asset Management
    • Levels of service
    • Valuation of the assets
    • Life cycle planning
    • Asset management strategy and risk management
    • Developments and conclusions

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