Pharmaceutical Compounding and Dispensing, 2nd edition

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Pharmaceutical Compounding and Dispensing

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Pharmaceutical Compounding and Dispensing

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John F Marriott, Keith A Wilson, Christopher A Langley and Dawn Belcher
Published by
Pharmaceutical Press
Publication Date
May 2010
Second edition
304 pages
189 x 246 mm

Pharmaceutical Compounding and Dispensing is a comprehensive guide to producing extemporaneous formulations safely and effectively. This is a modern, detailed and practical book on the theory and practice of extemporaneous compounding and dispensing.

The book covers three core sections:
  • the history of compounding
  • pharmaceutical forms and their preparation
  • product formulae.

Pharmacists have been responsible for compounding medicines for centuries. Although most modern medicines are not compounded in a local pharmacy environment, there are still occasions when it is imperative that pharmacists have this knowledge.

Fully revised and updated, this new edition of Pharmaceutical Compounding and Dispensing is an indispensable reference for pharmacy students and practicing pharmacists.

Supplementary videos demonstrating various dispensing procedures can also be viewed online. 
Part 1 - History of compounding
  1. Historical perspective
  2. Obsolete dosage forms, equipment and methods of preparation
  3. Historical weights and measures
Part 2 - Pharmaceutical forms and their preparation
  1. Key formulation skills
  2. Extemporaneous dispensing
  3. Solutions
  4. Suspensions
  5. Emulsions
  6. Creams
  7. Ointments, pastes and gels
  8. Suppositories and pessaries
  9. Powders and capsules
  10. Specialised formulation issues
Part 3 - Product formulae
  1. Creams
  2. Dusting powders
  3. Internal mixtures
  4. Liniments, lotions and applications
  5. Ointments and pastes
  6. Powders
  1. Glossary of terms used in formulations
  2. Abbreviations commonly used in pharmacy
  3. Changing substance names from British Approved Names to recommended International Non-Proprietary Names

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Online Shop | Pharmaceutical Press | Pharmacy Practice |  Pharmaceutical Compounding and Dispensing, 2nd edition

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