Property Insolvency

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Property Insolvency

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Property Insolvency

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Tim Calland and Grant Thornton
Published by
LexisNexis UK
Publication Date
21 February 2015

This brand new title is written for both property lawyers as well as insolvency specialists. For Insolvency practitioners it explains the relevant property law concepts, authorities and statutes that are relevant to their work. For property practitioners, the book explains how landlord and tenant rights are affected by the insolvency regime and is particularly useful for anyone dealing with either landlord or tenant clients in both a commercial and residential context.

Property is often the most valuable asset in insolvency but responsibility for its management as well as the potential interests and liabilities of others can complicate the process. This title responds to those problems as well as the question of guarantors and other remedies, what happens if the freeholder or landlord is insolvent, and environmental liabilities in Insolvency. It also details how leases and real property are dealt with in Bankruptcy.

Written by a team of experienced insolvency practitioners at Enterprise Chambers (with input from Pinsent Masons and Grant Thornton) this looks set to become the main text for practitioners advising in matters where the main asset is a leasehold property. 
  1. Rent
  2. Forfeiture
  3. Other forms of determination
  4. Proof of debt by Landlord/Tenant
  5. Landlord's covenants and insolvency
  6. Sale of the Tenancy
  7. Sale of the Landlord's interest
  8. Third Party rights
  9. Disclaimer
  10. Mortgages
  11. Land Transactions and the Avoidance of land transactions
  12. Set Off
  13. Registration of Land and Insolvency
  14. Expenses of Insolvency Regimes
  15. Insolvency and other property rights
  16. Distress

Online Shop | Books for your Business | Law, Crime and Criminology | Legislation Guides and Handbooks |  Property Insolvency

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