The Oxford Handbook of Criminology

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The Oxford Handbook of Criminology

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The Oxford Handbook of Criminology

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Mike Maguire, Rod Morgan, and Robert Reiner (eds)
Published by
Oxford University Press
Publication Date
12 April 2012
Fifth edition
1,056 pages
171 x 246 mm

The most comprehensive and authoritative single volume text on the subject, the fifth edition of the acclaimed Oxford Handbook of Criminology combines masterly reviews of all the key topics with extensive references to aid further research.

In addition to the history of the discipline and reviews of different theoretical perspectives, the book provides up-to-date reviews of such diverse topics as public views about crime and justice, youth crime and justice and state crime and human rights.

The fifth edition has been substantially revised and updated so that it covers topics being taught at undergraduate level as well as encapsulating the latest developments in the academic and practical spheres of criminology, including reflections on the August 2011 riots. An impressive line-up of contributors, experts in their respective fields, means the Oxford Handbook of Criminology will continue to be an essential purchase for all students and teachers of criminology and an indispensable resource for professionals.

Online Resource Centre
  • Selected chapters from previous editions
  • Details about the contributors
  • Guidance on answering essay questions
  • Essay questions
  • Selected further reading
  • Weblinks
  • Figures and tables from the text

New to this edition
Features completely new chapters on:
  • The state of modern criminology
  • Public views about crime and justice
  • Youth crime and justice
  • Developmental and life-course criminology
  • The organisation of serious crimes for gain
  • Terrorism and counter-terrorism
  • State crime and human rights
  • Community sanctions
  • Out-of-court decisions: cautions, fixed penalties, breach, parole
Criminology: History and Theory
  1. Ian Loader & Richard Sparks: Situating criminology: On the production and consumption of knowledge about crime and justice
  2. Paul Rock: Sociological theories of crime
  3. Clive R. Hollin: Criminological psychology
  4. Keith Hayward & Jock Young: Cultural criminology
  5. David Nelken: Comparing criminal justice
Social Constructions of Crime and Crime Control
  1. Nicola Lacey & Lucia Zedner: Legal constructions of crime
  2. David Downes & Rod Morgan: Overtaking on the left? The politics of law and order in the 'Big Society'
  3. Mike Maguire: Criminal statistics and the construction of crime
  4. Chris Greer & Robert Reiner: Mediated mayhem: media, crime, criminal justice
  5. Mike Hough & Julian V. Roberts: Public opinion, crime, and criminal justice
Dimensions of Crime
  1. Robert Reiner: Casino capital's crimes: political economy, crime, and criminal justice
  2. Frances Heidensohn & Marisa Silvestri: Gender and crime
  3. Coretta Phillips & Ben Bowling: Ethnicities, racism, crime, and criminal justice
  4. Carolyn Hoyle: Victims, the criminal process, and restorative justice
  5. Jill Peay: Mentally disordered offenders, mental health, and crime
  6. Anthony Bottoms: Developing socio-spatial criminology
  7. Rod Morgan & Tim Newburn: Youth crime and justice: rediscovering devolution, discretion, and diversion?
  8. Lesly McAra & Susan McVie: Critical debates in developmental and life-course criminology
Forms of Crime
  1. Fiona Brookman & Amanda Robinson: Violent crime
  2. Michael Levi: The organization of serious crimes for gain
  3. David Nelken: White-collar and corporate crime
  4. Martin Innes & Michael Levi: Terrorism and counter-terrorism
  5. Fiona Measham & Nigel South: Drugs, alcohol, and crime
  6. Penny Green & Tony Ward: State crime: a dialectical view
Reactions to Crime
  1. Trevor Jones: Governing security: pluralization, privatization, and polarization in crime control and policing
  2. Adam Crawford & Karen Evans: Crime prevention and community safety
  3. Tim Newburn & Robert Reiner: Policing and the police
  4. Andrew Sanders & Richard Young: From suspect to trial
  5. Andrew Ashworth & Julian Roberts: Sentencing: theory, principle, and practice
  6. Alison Liebling & Ben Crewe: Prison life, penal power, and prison effects
  7. Peter Raynor: Community penalties, probation, and offender management
  8. Nicola Padfield, Rod Morgan & Mike Maguire: Out of court, out of sight? Criminal sanctions and non-judicial decision-making
  9. Friedrich Losel: Offender treatment and rehabilitation: what works?

Online Shop | Books for your Business | Police Related titles | Other Police and Criminology Titles |  The Oxford Handbook of Criminology

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