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The Health and Safety Executive is constantly reviewing, refining and updating its publications. This inevitably mean that some publications will be withdrawn from circulation, particularly when the corresponding legislation changes, or become only available as downloadable PDFs from the HSE website.

If you have followed a link to this page it is most likely that the publication that you are looking for has been withdrawn

The following is a non-exhaustive list of withdrawn HSE titles. Where a replacement or recommended alternative exists a link has been given.

Withdrawn DVDs and Videos

  • Control of legionella
  • How are you managing? - Dealing with the risk of Asbestos in buildings (DVD)

Withdrawn HSG Series Titles

  • HSG39 Compressed Air Safety
  • HSG57 Seating at work
  • HSG67 Health and Safety in Motor Vehicle Repair
  • HSG78 Dangerous goods in cargo transport units
  • HSG87 Safety in the remote diagnosis of manufacturing plant and equipment
  • HSG92 Safe use and storage of cellular plastics
  • HSG101 The costs to Britain of workplace accidents and work-related ill health in 1995/96
  • HSG103 Safe handling of combustible dusts
  • HSG109 Control of noise in quarries
  • HSG112 Health and safety at motor sport events
  • HSG113 Lift trucks in potentially flammable atmospheres
  • HSG115 Manual handling
  • HSG121 A Pain in Your Workplace
  • HSG123 Working together on firework displays
  • HSG124 Giving your own firework display
  • HSG131 Energetic and spontaneously combustible substances
  • HSG132 How to deal with sick building syndrome
  • HSG133 Preventing violence to retail staff
  • HSG135 Storage and handling of industrial nitrocellulose
  • SG137 Health risk management
  • HSG138 Sound Solutions
  • HSG143 Designing and operating safe chemical reaction processes
  • HSG150 Health and Safety in Construction
  • HSG158 Flame Arresters
  • HSG166 Formula for health and safety
  • HSG169 Camera Operations on Location
  • HSG173 Monitoring Strategies for Toxic Substances
  • HSG174 Anthrax
  • HSG180 Application of electro-sensitive protective equipment using light curtains and light beam devices to machinery
  • HSG183 Five Steps to Risk Assessment
  • HSG185 Health and Safety in Excavations
  • HSG186 The bulk transfer of dangerous liquids and gases between ship and shore
  • HSG187 Control of diesel engine exhaust emissions in the workplace
  • HSG189 Working with Asbestos Cement
  • HSG193 COSHH Essentials
  • HSG194 Thermal Comfort in the Workplace
  • HSG195 The Event Safety Guide
  • HSG201 Controlling exposure to stonemasonry dust
  • HSG203 Contolling Exposure to Coating Powders
  • HSG204 Health and Safety in Arc Welding
  • HSG209 Aircraft turnround
  • HSG217 Involving employees in health and safety
  • HSG219 Managing health and safety in zoos
  • HSG223 The regulatory requirements for medical exposure to ionising radiation
  • HSG224 Managing Health and Safety in Construction
  • HSG229 Work-related violence case studies
  • HSG234 Caring for cleaners
  • HSG235 Bulk storage of acids
  • HSG240 Managing health and safety at recreational dive sites
  • HSG243 Fuel cells
  • HSG244 Remotely operated shutoff valves (ROSOVs) for emergency isolation of hazardous substances
  • HSG246 Safety in the storage and handling of steel and other metal stock
  • HSG260 Sound Advice

Withdrawn INDG Series Titles

Withdrawn L Series Titles

  • L21 Management of Health and Safety at Work
  • L28 Work with Adbestos Insulation
  • L29 A Guide to the Genetically Modified Organisms (Contained Use) Regulations 2000
  • L47 The Coal Mines (Owner's Operating Rules) Regulations 1993
  • L77 Guidance to the licensing authority on the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 2004
  • L81 The design, construction and installation of gas service pipes
  • L96 A guide to the Work in Compressed Air Regulations 1996
  • L144 Managing Health and Safety in Construction

Other Withdrawn Titles

  • HSR27 A guide to Dangerous Substances in Harbour Areas Regulations 1987
  • HSR28 Guide to the Loading and Unloading of Fishing Vessels Regulations 1988
  • Passport Scheme for Health, Safety and the Environment - A Good Practice Guide

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