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Egypt in England

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Egypt in England

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Chris Elliott
Published by
English Heritage
Publication Date
November 2012
320 pages, 225 illustrations
195 x 240 mm
Architectural History

  • Authoritative and accessible guide to Egyptian-style architecture and interiors in England
  • Includes a wide range of building types and monuments - from cinemas, supermarkets, factories, mausoleums through to domestic architecture
  • Contains glossaries of architectural terms and Egyptian deities

For more than 200 years, and especially since the rediscovery of ancient Egypt by Europe in the 19th century, the exotic Egyptian style in architecture has been a sign of our fascination with a civilisation that has had a long-lasting and deep-seated influence on British culture. From its fashionable success in the Regency period to its varied uses in the 20th century, Egyptian-style architecture has much to say about what ancient Egypt represents to us.

Egypt in England is the first detailed guide to the use of the Egyptian style in architecture and interiors in England, and to those that survive, most of which can be seen or visited by the public. Fully illustrated, it combines a series of topic essays giving the architectural and Egyptological background to the use of the style with a guide allowing sites to be located, and explaining what can still be seen. A variety of buildings and monuments ` from cinema, supermarket, synagogue and factory, to folly, mill, Masonic temple and mausoleum ` are highlighted in the book. For those who don't know their architrave from their entablature, or their Anubis from their Uraeus, there are also glossaries of architectural terms and ancient Egyptian deities.

This engaging book is an accessible and practical guide for a general audience, but has enough depth to be useful to scholars in a range of subject areas. 
Section One - Understanding Egypt in England
  1. Architecture: Imhotep in England
  2. Cemeteries: Catacombs and cornices
  3. Cinemas: The splendour of Luxor
  4. Egyptiana: Silver gilt services to sewing machines
  5. Egyptology: From antiquary to Egyptologist
  6. Freemasonry: Wisdom from the east and the Pharaohs apron
  7. Hieroglyphs: Writings of priests, words of the gods
Section Two - Finding Egypt in England
  1. London
  2. South East
  3. South West
  4. East of England
  5. East Midlands
  6. West Midlands
  7. Yorkshire and The Humber
  8. North West
Architectural Glossary
Glossary of Egyptian gods and goddesses

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Online Shop | Historic England / English Heritage | Architectural History |  Egypt in England

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