Pharmaceutical Toxicology

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Pharmaceutical Toxicology

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Pharmaceutical Toxicology
Safety sciences of drugs

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Gerard J Mulder and Lennart Dencker (eds)
Published by
Pharmaceutical Press
Publication Date
June 2006
280 pages
156 x 234 mm

Pharmaceutical Toxicology explains the methodology and requirements of pre-clinical safety assessments of new medicines. With the focus on medicinal drugs, the most important safety issues of drugs are covered. This includes registration requirements of new drugs and pharmacovigilance.

After a general introduction and a number of chapters on basic toxicological principles, organ toxicity of drugs is illustrated by chapters on toxicity in the liver, in the kidney, in the respiratory system and in the immune system.

This book combines a broad treatment of the issues relevant for assessing the safety/efficacy balance of a new drug with information on the toxicological knowledge base and methodology.

Toxicology studies are carried out on all drug substances to ensure safety. This is an introductory text for students at BSc, MSc and PhD levels, and will be an excellent companion to pharmacology textbooks. 
  1. General Toxicology
  2. Drug Metabolism: Inactivation and Bioactivation of Xenobioptics
  3. Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Toxicity
  4. Teratology
  5. Genotoxicity
  6. Carcinogenicity of Drugs
  7. Liver Toxicity
  8. Kidney Toxicity
  9. Toxicology in the Respiratory System
  10. Immunotoxicity
  11. Clinical Toxicology
  12. Safety Assessment of Pharmaceuticals: Regulatory Aspects
  13. Pharmacovigilance
  14. >/ol>

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